Size Information

Rings and Helmets
Fortunately Silver rings and Crash helmets have an internationally agreed standards for sizing, although you should be aware that different materials and construction etc can often affect the fit. Such as width of the ring band or type of helmet, as an example ¾ or half sizes will sit differently on the head than a full face helmet. However generally if you know your size that will probably be about right. We are very happy to run a tape measure around things or for a face to face meeting please check our events tab, we normally carry most stock at these events. Crash Helmet sizes measure above eyebrow but below hairline.

Circumference US UK
57.0mm 8.00 P.1/2
57.6mm 8.25 Q
58.3mm 8.50 Q.1/2
58.9mm 8.75 R
59.5mm 9.00 R.1/2
60.2mm 9.25 S
60.8mm 9.50 S.1/2
61.4mm 10.00 T
62.1mm 10.25 T.1/2
62.7mm 10.5 U
63.4mm 10.50 U.1/2
64.0mm 10.75 V
64.6mm 11.00 V.1/2
65.3mm 11.25 W
65.9mm 11.50 W.1/2
66.6mm 11.75 X
67.2mm 12.00 X.1/2
68.0mm 12.25 Y
68.5mm 12.50 Z
69.1mm 12.75 Z.1./2
69.7mm 13.00  
70.0mm 13.25 Z1
72.3mm 14.00 Z3
74.8mm 15.00  
76.0mm 15.5  
Size Centimetres
XXS 50-51cm
XS 52-53cm
S 54-55cm
M 56-57cm
L 58-59cm
XL 60-61cm
2XL 62-63cm

Jackets and Vests
Sadly Clothing sizes are not an exact measure. Differing materials and measuring standards and local customs strive to make this a bit of a minefield. What we have done is put together a sizing chart. 95% of the time it will be accurate however if you have long arms, long legs, long torso or just want to be sure please do not be shy of asking us for the definitive dimensions. As a rule of thumb jackets should be about 5-10cm (2-4 inches) bigger than your normal jacket size to allow for room to move or wear more clothing, eg a small is nominally 92cm (36 inch) chest but a 98cm (38 inch) in actual measurement, USA sizing is often from 1/2 to a full size bigger especially in Motorcycle garments.

Mens Jackets and Vests
Sizes Chest Waist Sleeve Back
Small (38') 92-98cm 91-95cm 63cm 66cm
Medium (40') 99-104cm 95-99cm 63cm 67cm
Large (42') 106-111cm 99-104cm 63cm 68cm
X-Large (46') 114-119cm 105-108cm 65cm 70cm
2X-Large (48') 121-127cm 109-114cm 65cm 71cm
3X-Large (52') 129-134cm 115-119cm 67cm 72cm
4X-Large (54') 135-140cm 120-124cm 67cm 74cm
5X-Large (56') 140-145cm 130-135cm 69cm 75cm
Ladies Jackets and Vests
Sizes Chest Waist Hip Length
S (10) 34-36 32 36 24
M (12) 36-38 34 38 24.5
L (14) 38-40 36 40 25
XL (16) 40-42 38 42 25.5
2XL (18) 42-44 40 44 26

To establish your glove size measure cross the widest part of your hand with a tape measure between the place where your fingers join your hand on both sides and then all the way around so the tape measure forms a loop. You should measure your dominant hand.

Size Width
S 6 inches
M 7 inches
L 8 inches
XL 9 inches
2XL 10 inches
3XL 11 inches

Provided we keep the next size up or down in stock we are always happy to exchange items for a different size. Due to the health and safety aspects of supplying crash helmets we do not accept crash helmets for returns under any circumstances. Please fill out our returns form so we can give you a reference number before you return anything. It makes the whole process so much easier to follow and speeds up our response to you.